it's that time of the week again! this week, i went for a picture wallpaper. 

in recognition of march as brain injury awareness month, there is a social campaign - #amelonaday - that seeks to generate cause awareness for traumatic brain injury by way of melons, people, and art. "why melons?", you ask. well i'll tell ya. in the words of the movement founder, "A melon is a perfect metaphor for the brain, with its hard exterior protecting the soft fruit inside." 

to start off, i am challenged my right brain my playing with my food. 


i invite everyone on @instagram to join the #amelonaday movement! check out @ticamide + @melonaday for more info about #themindfulmonth , generating global cause awareness for traumatic brain injury (TBI) and building a community of support. help spread the word and make a difference.

- r