valentine's day is SO soon ! ok, so just so it's out there for public record...i really love valentine's day. like, it;'s actually kind of weird how much i love valentine's day, considering i've never had an actual valentine on valentine's day. and it's not because i think it is in any way romantic or because i really love chocolate*. 

i love all that there are tons of hearts. heart cookies, heart candy, heart balloons**. i love all of the valentine's day apparel and knick nacks that the stores sell, because you can't wear a snow man t-shirt year round, but you can totally wear a shirt with a heart on it every day of the year and no one will have anything to say. unless of course you are literally only wearing one shirt, every day, for the rest of the year. i love that it's ok for everything to be shades of pink and red for once, without feeling overdone. i love homemade cards and things cut out of paper.

most of all, ii love getting to tell people, romantically or platonically, that you are super into them and care about them a whole lot. to me, valentine's day is about affirmation, one of my favorite things in the world.

so here's a little valentine's day wall paper to all you haters or appreciators. don't forget to tell your humans that you care about them.



*disclaimer: i do really love chocolate. dark chocolate. like the 90% cacao kind. in case anyone wants to send me some.

** i also really love balloons, specifically these ones. if anyone is interested in making my day.