so it's the start of another year. well technically that start was 26 days ago. it's bizarre to think back to where i was and what i was doing a year ago and compare that to where i am now and what i am doing today. honestly, i was probably a lot tanner but much lonelier in LA - you win some you lose some, right?

thinking back on this past year, a whole LOT has happened. let's review a few highlights.

i was in two weddings. went to disney land for the first time. went to san francisco for the first time. moved back to texas (haha) and had an awesome roadtrip getting there. got to have a post college summer, hallelujah. moved back to california (...haha). ended up with the best roommates in the most incredible apartment (feeling so basic saying that). got a job that isn't hourly waged (yay adulthood). made a pretty legit group of friends. chopped a significant amount of my glorious (and probably full of idolatry and identity) hair. decided that i am not moving for a while. 


 i'm not really one to make resolutions or anything.  but based on all that has happened this past year and how quickly it flew by, i'm gonna steal one from the eloquent and beautiful mind of jonathan edwards.

"resolved, to never lose one moment of time; but seize the time to use it in the most profitable way I possibly can."

2014 was not a comfortable year by any means. but boy, was it good. here's to hoping that 2015 pushes me more out of my comfort zone than ever before, that i say yes to more things, dream bigger dreams . . . and take myself less seriously a lot more often.