so, it's spring and that can only mean one thing...spring cleaning! only kidding, spring means a lot of things - it's almost summer (which is my favorite), the world is blooming with the promise of a brand new start, for some people it's spring break, wedding season is quickly approaching - the list goes on. but for the sake of what i am about to say, let's focus on the cleaning part.

it's always nice to get the old out of the way and start with the new. a clean slate, so to speak. for me, that usually involves cleaning out my closet - getting rid of the fashion faux pas, the things that just aren't for me (face it, my legs will always be to short to pull off flare jeans) and yes, those things that i am always hopeful of "making a comeback" (or holding on to them, there is nothing wrong with an 80's party dress with shoulder pads and puffy sleeves). it feels really great de-cluttering and organizing and maybe going to far as to color coordinate things.

just me? ok, cool.

anyways, we all know pinterest, right? i especially love it (said every girl ever + refer to my previous post), not that i spend an unhealthy amount of time on there or anything...yikes. let's face it, that place is a wonderful black hole that exist outside of any concept of time or space. so naturally, taking my love of spring cleaning just a bit further, i decided to revamp my pinterest page. and here's where it got me.


- r

oh, and ps. check out the final product here.