OK, so i have a bit of a design crush. i recently stumbled upon a style post that refinery 29 did on coachella and there was the incredibly darling scalloped top and short set that i fell in love with. i HAD TO figure out who was responsible for this genius. so after a bit of internet magic i found the designer's website and once i got there it was all just wonderful. 

Samantha Pleet is a designer based out of New York, NY and whimsical would be the word of choice to describe her. all of her designs have this way of taking classic, very simple silhouettes and giving them a modern, playful twist. there is the perfect mix of prints, embellished pieces and all-white looks in the collection. not to mention, the photography for the SS14 is so beautifully done. yep! i have a crush.


- r


 Photography by Jacqueline DiMilia

Photography by Jacqueline DiMilia