a sweet (pun intended) coworker of mine made made this tart for me for my birthday and another one of my cowokers snapped this pic - working at a office with a studio is definitely a major perk.

this is just a little lettering project i made for fun.

 my team at work went to a design talk last wednesday, featuring one of my favorite designers, jessica hische. she is a master at lettering, illustration and type design. it was so inspiring to hear about her process and for her to walk us through actual projects she's done in the past. she's worked for some really high profile clients, including starbucks, dove chocolate, nike, victoria secret, penguin books and wes anderson (zOMG - yeah, moonrise kingdom, am i right?). needless to say, i was pretty stoked on meeting her. also, shout out to her twitter bio which states, " Founder & CEO of something, eventually." here is a teeny sample of her skills. check out the daily drop cap, a personal project that changed her career and really put her on the map.**


**note to self: think of really awesome project that is fun but will also make me cool and relevant and maybe also famous. ok, go.