To say this weekend may have been one of the best weekend of my life would not be an overstatement.  My dear friend courtney came to LA to visit and that girl is the definition of fun. I have met few people who have a pure and unadulterated joy for living like this girl does.

we went to the beach, ate burritos (on multiple occasions), went to disneyland, and just acted like kids the whole weekend.

It honestly couldn't have come at a better time for me. Life lately has been tough to say the least. It was SO good for my soul to be around someone who is just easy to be around and loves adventure. She is my spirit animal and i am so lucky to call her my friend!

here are some of my favorite moments of this weekend, shot with a goPro Hero 3+ Silver Edition.

and a video that courtney made with some of the video footage shot over the weekend.