all the grams i didn't gram: april

Welp, another month gone. Another stream of photos that never got released unto the world of instagram. Here they are! All the grams that i forgot to gram. 


1. Chloe @ Ampersand SF; 2. Flowers @ Ampersand SF; 3. Kate @ Wrecking Ball Roasters; 4. Ceiling @ The Trump Hotel in Vegas; 5. Rainbow Cookie + Ice Cream Sando @ Brit+co; 6. Nicole in Santa Cruz; 7. Coca-Cola Sign, SOMA; 8. Maddie in Sausalito; 9. Presidio Movie Night; 10. Goatchella; 11. Pulled Pork Sandos & Fries @ Sideboard, Danville; 12. Brittany @ The Exploratorium; 12. Alexa in Hayes Valley


it's that time of the week again! this week, i went for a picture wallpaper. 

in recognition of march as brain injury awareness month, there is a social campaign - #amelonaday - that seeks to generate cause awareness for traumatic brain injury by way of melons, people, and art. "why melons?", you ask. well i'll tell ya. in the words of the movement founder, "A melon is a perfect metaphor for the brain, with its hard exterior protecting the soft fruit inside." 

to start off, i am challenged my right brain my playing with my food. 


i invite everyone on @instagram to join the #amelonaday movement! check out @ticamide + @melonaday for more info about #themindfulmonth , generating global cause awareness for traumatic brain injury (TBI) and building a community of support. help spread the word and make a difference.

- r


oops, still with the valentine's day theme. i told you i had a problem. this says it all, right ?


- r


just in case you are having a little valentine's day withdrawals like me. after all, it is still february !



valentine's day is SO soon ! ok, so just so it's out there for public record...i really love valentine's day. like, it;'s actually kind of weird how much i love valentine's day, considering i've never had an actual valentine on valentine's day. and it's not because i think it is in any way romantic or because i really love chocolate*. 

i love all that there are tons of hearts. heart cookies, heart candy, heart balloons**. i love all of the valentine's day apparel and knick nacks that the stores sell, because you can't wear a snow man t-shirt year round, but you can totally wear a shirt with a heart on it every day of the year and no one will have anything to say. unless of course you are literally only wearing one shirt, every day, for the rest of the year. i love that it's ok for everything to be shades of pink and red for once, without feeling overdone. i love homemade cards and things cut out of paper.

most of all, ii love getting to tell people, romantically or platonically, that you are super into them and care about them a whole lot. to me, valentine's day is about affirmation, one of my favorite things in the world.

so here's a little valentine's day wall paper to all you haters or appreciators. don't forget to tell your humans that you care about them.



*disclaimer: i do really love chocolate. dark chocolate. like the 90% cacao kind. in case anyone wants to send me some.

** i also really love balloons, specifically these ones. if anyone is interested in making my day.


last week i had waaay too much coffee. i mean like it's 3 a.m. and i am still awake what is happening right now too much coffee. earlier that day, i was inspired to make this little guy.




i think i will start this new thing where i post different wallpapers every wednesday.

also, raise your hand if every time you type or write wednesday you say it in your head as "we-nes-day".

* raises hand *




so it's the start of another year. well technically that start was 26 days ago. it's bizarre to think back to where i was and what i was doing a year ago and compare that to where i am now and what i am doing today. honestly, i was probably a lot tanner but much lonelier in LA - you win some you lose some, right?

thinking back on this past year, a whole LOT has happened. let's review a few highlights.

i was in two weddings. went to disney land for the first time. went to san francisco for the first time. moved back to texas (haha) and had an awesome roadtrip getting there. got to have a post college summer, hallelujah. moved back to california (...haha). ended up with the best roommates in the most incredible apartment (feeling so basic saying that). got a job that isn't hourly waged (yay adulthood). made a pretty legit group of friends. chopped a significant amount of my glorious (and probably full of idolatry and identity) hair. decided that i am not moving for a while. 


 i'm not really one to make resolutions or anything.  but based on all that has happened this past year and how quickly it flew by, i'm gonna steal one from the eloquent and beautiful mind of jonathan edwards.

"resolved, to never lose one moment of time; but seize the time to use it in the most profitable way I possibly can."

2014 was not a comfortable year by any means. but boy, was it good. here's to hoping that 2015 pushes me more out of my comfort zone than ever before, that i say yes to more things, dream bigger dreams . . . and take myself less seriously a lot more often.



 a sweet (pun intended) coworker of mine made made this tart for me for my birthday and another one of my cowokers snapped this pic - working at a office with a studio is definitely a major perk.

this is just a little lettering project i made for fun.

 my team at work went to a design talk last wednesday, featuring one of my favorite designers, jessica hische. she is a master at lettering, illustration and type design. it was so inspiring to hear about her process and for her to walk us through actual projects she's done in the past. she's worked for some really high profile clients, including starbucks, dove chocolate, nike, victoria secret, penguin books and wes anderson (zOMG - yeah, moonrise kingdom, am i right?). needless to say, i was pretty stoked on meeting her. also, shout out to her twitter bio which states, " Founder & CEO of something, eventually." here is a teeny sample of her skills. check out the daily drop cap, a personal project that changed her career and really put her on the map.**


**note to self: think of really awesome project that is fun but will also make me cool and relevant and maybe also famous. ok, go.


few things make you feel as refreshed as spending some the outdoors. it's something that people definitely (aka MYSELF)  take for granted especially when it's easily accessible. i know from experience, growing up in the hill country in texas, it was not abnormal to have woods in your back yard or even for people to live on a ranch and it wasn't something i dwelled on too much or took advantage of. having lived in so many cities over the past couple years, i have found a new appreciation for just being outside, away from all the concrete and claustrophobia. this weekend, i was fortunate enough to take a trip with some new friends out to hendy woods, in the northern california redwoods. it was really so good to just get outside of the city, even one as beautiful as san francisco. 




a long overdue recap of what my world has looked like. "looked like" very much in the past tense. after almost a year in LA i decided to make the move back to texas! since that move, i have already moved back to california (haha, joke is on my you guys!) but despite the whirlwind that is my life i got to go on a pretty cool roadtrip with mom back to texas. places of note include, but are not limited to: desert, desert and lots of dessert. large metal objects. lots of selfies. an 80's playlist. marfa, a literal oasis in the middle of the desert. a whole lot of blue skies. and of course, mom.



victoria haas, everyone. fellow texan, wine lover and 'brit girl' (haha, h8 to say that but it's #true). victoria is the magician behind the social channels at brit+co. i must admit, she is pretty cool. above is a little snap i took of her while we were slaving away to put together some images for a labor day campaign focused on summer. i know right, our jobs are so hard. below is a little peek at some images we worked on. all shots by v and edits by me!


look! she even managed to make me look cool while pretending to read an empty moleskine. the girl has got TALENT.


in honor of the throwing back of thursdays, here i pay a little homage to a weekend in new york city from last summer. on this particular day, i went to a fashion show for new york lingerie fashion week. who knew such a thing existed? well it's a relatively new thing, but it didn't make it any less cool. the show we saw was by noe undergarments - a brand started by two sisters, bonne rae and shelah jean. 


ah, new york. nothing says friendship like sweaty subway rides to BK.


so, it's spring and that can only mean one thing...spring cleaning! only kidding, spring means a lot of things - it's almost summer (which is my favorite), the world is blooming with the promise of a brand new start, for some people it's spring break, wedding season is quickly approaching - the list goes on. but for the sake of what i am about to say, let's focus on the cleaning part.

it's always nice to get the old out of the way and start with the new. a clean slate, so to speak. for me, that usually involves cleaning out my closet - getting rid of the fashion faux pas, the things that just aren't for me (face it, my legs will always be to short to pull off flare jeans) and yes, those things that i am always hopeful of "making a comeback" (or holding on to them, there is nothing wrong with an 80's party dress with shoulder pads and puffy sleeves). it feels really great de-cluttering and organizing and maybe going to far as to color coordinate things.

just me? ok, cool.

anyways, we all know pinterest, right? i especially love it (said every girl ever + refer to my previous post), not that i spend an unhealthy amount of time on there or anything...yikes. let's face it, that place is a wonderful black hole that exist outside of any concept of time or space. so naturally, taking my love of spring cleaning just a bit further, i decided to revamp my pinterest page. and here's where it got me.


- r

oh, and ps. check out the final product here.


OK, so i have a bit of a design crush. i recently stumbled upon a style post that refinery 29 did on coachella and there was the incredibly darling scalloped top and short set that i fell in love with. i HAD TO figure out who was responsible for this genius. so after a bit of internet magic i found the designer's website and once i got there it was all just wonderful. 

Samantha Pleet is a designer based out of New York, NY and whimsical would be the word of choice to describe her. all of her designs have this way of taking classic, very simple silhouettes and giving them a modern, playful twist. there is the perfect mix of prints, embellished pieces and all-white looks in the collection. not to mention, the photography for the SS14 is so beautifully done. yep! i have a crush.


- r


 Photography by Jacqueline DiMilia

Photography by Jacqueline DiMilia


Something I used to always tell myself was, "Don't Dream, DO." I feel like there are so many moments of "should" in our lives that we can easily make into "did". A close friend of mine from school moved to San Francisco about the same time that I moved to Southern California. I had been constantly dreaming and talking about going to visit, but never made it happen. Dreaming, but not doing.

Well, starting now that's going to change. After bringing up to my boss, he was like "Of course you should buy a ticket." So that's what I did. Bought my ticket at noon on a Wednesday (for an incredible price, I might add) and I was off to SF Friday night.

Sara is always up to date on whatever cool is going on, so I knew I was in for a treat. We saw so many good things, ate so many good things, and did SO. MUCH. WALKING. They really were not lying when they said San Francisco was hilly. (Not sure who "they" is, but just go with me here.) We went to Delores Park, Soma, Hayes Valley, the Ferry Building, Pier 39, the Full House house at Alamo Square, had some toast at the Mill. I also got to meet up with a couple of friends who were visiting (explored Chinatown!) and who live in the city (got to go to the Brit + Co and Twitter HQs!).

I could give pages long of recap for this weekend, but I will spare you. Needless to say, I fell in LOVE with this city. The work hard, play hard mentality. The tininess of it all (only 7 miles across), with the endless possibilities of things to see and explore. I really hope I will be back soon.

Here are some of my favorite moments from the weekend.